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snoop dogg might have killed some ppl or something but these days he just gets high and gets his nails did and devotes all his time to being a meme and i love him

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My professor just said Allons-y and I’m going to die because I’m laughing so hard

" Give him hell, he’ll always need it. "

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Series 8 - Deep Breath

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+ hot mechanic au

where dorky derek pulls up in his camaro with his sweater vest and glasses, and he’s all blushing like can you fix it and almost trips over his feet because holy shit no one told him the best mechanic in town was this hot, okay?

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stay here now. i haven’t finished figuring you out. i’d like to butter you up to your eyes before the first time the sun comes up. the soft sound of your voice makes me wrangle with all of my fears. i’m a little bit undone, i’m a drink beyond knowing a good time to run.

Sound of Your Voice - Sparrow and the Workshop

#SterekWeek Monday - Lyrics/Quote

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This is so cute

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From the entire Glader family, happy birthday to our fearless Runner, Dylan O’Brien!

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